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Want to boost modern language learning in your school?

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"The app enables parents to further support their child in learning Spanish outside of school."

Deputy head teacher, London primary school

"It looks so incredibly polished and professional and I love the way our children’s energy and humour has been represented."

Head teacher, London primary school

We can build you an app featuring your students

Shake up their learning – make them the star of their own app

What are the benefits?

A goal for learning

A real-world outcome

A boost for languages

Build relationships between school and home

An inspiration to learn

How much does it cost?

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Professional and affordable

from £600 per year plus the cost of making the films

How do we make the films?

How to make the films of your students

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Option 1
You take the footage of your students and make the final films. As you do all the work, this option is free

Option 2
You take the footage of your students and then we create the final films. This option has a cost but it’s not so much.

Option 3
We come to your school, take the footage of your students and create the final films. This option is the most expensive.

The Apps Reinvented Promise:

– no hidden costs

– cancel at any time

– free promotion support

– monthly reports

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