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About Apps Reinvented

We publish language learning apps – with your name on.

English language learning – it’s kind of our thing. We have a lot of experience making it and our books have sold millions of copies worldwide. Now we’re making language-learning apps and you can have one… with your name on!

And they’re not just for fun! Our apps are effective and measurable marketing tools that aim to promote your school through high-quality content. We work with a wide range of professionals to create the content that your app users see.

But let’s go back a few steps. Apps Reinvented Ltd. is run by me, the surprisingly bald Jonathan Bygrave. I have 25+ years experience as a language teacher, publisher and writer. Through that experience, I’ve come to believe that learning happens when you have good teachers in well-run schools, so the aim of our apps is to promote good schools and to help build connections between schools and their students, past, present and future. 

We’re the first company to offer a professional English app for a monthly fee. So if you’re thinking about an app for your school, get in touch and we can show you what we do.

“What really sets Apps Reinvented apart is the service they provide outside of the app itself. Jonathan is quick, efficient and always full of helpful suggestions. They don’t simply provide an app and leave you to get on with it, they have also helped with printed marketing materials, social media campaigns and best of all, the monthly analytics. We can see where and how our app is being used and receive a list of qualified leads that are already engaging with our brand.”
– Kieran Hayde, Sales, Marketing and Groups Manager, Wimbledon School of English